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07/30/15 09:58 AM #3    

Robert W. Horton

me (Bob Horton) ("spook") on left in gold colored shirt with a group of classmates at 50th Reunion at Indian Hills Gold Club, Painted Post 7/25/15

07/30/15 10:01 AM #4    

Robert W. Horton

Class of '65 50th Reunion pics Don Brown

07/30/15 10:04 AM #5    

Robert W. Horton

Class of '65 50th  Reunion pics.  Don Brown

07/30/15 10:07 AM #6    

Robert W. Horton

Class of '65 50th Reunion  Bev. (Zimmers) & Gordy Phenes

07/30/15 10:09 AM #7    

Robert W. Horton

Class of '65 50th Reunion pics.

07/30/15 10:13 AM #8    

Robert W. Horton

Class of '65 50th Reunion pics. Linda & Roy - A (((BIG))) THANK YOU !! to Linda for helping to put thiis Reunion altogether and making it happen!

07/30/15 10:15 AM #9    

Robert W. Horton

Class of '65 50th Reunion @ Indian Hills Golf Club

07/31/15 10:58 AM #10    


Robert T. Smith

Thank you for posting your pictures and names!  Medical complications kept us grounded in south Texas.  The only way we can "attend" is thru your please post more!


Tom (and Karleigh) Smith

07/31/15 04:39 PM #11    

Linda Alger (Stebbins)

Sorry I couldn't make it.  Thanks for posting the pictures!!

08/01/15 11:49 AM #12    

Kenneth Morse

I really wanted to attend, but did not due to my wife's recent unexpected passing.   I really enjoyed the pictures I hope some other will also post any pictures.   By the way, I always wondered where Don Brown went to - we use to run track together both at school and for the Knights of Columbus AAU team.


ken morse

08/01/15 08:21 PM #13    

Melody Bess (Spaulding)

So sorry for your loss, Ken. Mel and Larry Spaulding



08/02/15 10:40 AM #14    

Robert W. Horton

Hi Robert (Smith)

I luv Texas!  Sorry you couldn't attend our reunion, and hope your medical problems are resolved.  Don't have any more pics. but hopefully others who took pics. will put them up.Best wishes to you, and here's wishing you the best of good health. Bob (spook) Horton

08/02/15 10:49 AM #15    

Robert W. Horton

Hi Ken:

So sorry to hear about losing your wife.  The reunion was a huge success, in my opinion and everyone seemed to be having a wonderful time.  Glad u enjoyed the pics, wish I had taken more now.  Don Brown now lives in Woodstock, Georgia after performing his "civic duties"  (hee! hee!)as a cop here in Corning.  Bob (spook) Horton

08/05/15 11:24 AM #16    


Robert T. Smith

Ken..Sorry for your loss.  Tom Smith

08/06/15 03:10 PM #17    

Kenneth Morse

Thank all of you for the coments on the lost of my wife, Kathy Carlsen, she was also my best friend and I really miss her.   She was way too young to have something like this happen, however; as we all know this will happen to all of us in the future.  Her memory will  be with me forever and someday we will be together again.



10/10/15 09:32 AM #18    

Lorraine Rouse (McHUGH)


This is a belated note to add my condolences in the loss of your wife.  Unexpected makes it even harder.  

We missed you at the reunion.  It was a lovely evening, and the local gang did so much to make it so.  We belong to a very cool group, WHS Class of 65.   


Lorraine (Rouse) McHugh

11/16/20 08:17 AM #19    

Larry G. Spaulding

I am sorry to report that my wife and your classmate, Melody Bess Spaulding, passed away on Friday, November 13, 2020 at the Corning Guthrie Hospital. A complete obituary can be found at The Corning Leader Obituaries online. Condolences can be offered there as well. 


11/17/20 03:24 PM #20    

Kenneth Morse

Larry, I am so sorry to hear your news.  I know that the two of yoiu have been together since 9th grade - i know that loss hurts - you are in my prayers


11/18/20 12:02 AM #21    

Larry G. Spaulding

Thank you, Ken, for your kind words. They are especially meaningful considering that you went through the same type of loss five years ago.


11/18/20 09:49 AM #22    

Kenneth Morse

Thank You Larry, I do know the pain that you are going through and I must say that it has taken a long time for the pain to ease but it is very hard.  It left a big hole in my being - however; you will always have a ton of great memories to reflect on.   All my best to you my old friend.


11/18/20 02:58 PM #23    

Janice Thomas (Glover)

Larry, you and Melody were those "Posters" we only knew for two years. Both you and Meody were cheerful and fun to know. You are in my positive thoughts. Jan Thomas Glover (Caton)

11/18/20 05:18 PM #24    

Larry G. Spaulding

Thanks for thinking of us, Jan. Mel and I both enjoyed our two years at West High and met many new classmates, like yourself, who we came to know and appreciate.


11/19/20 11:11 AM #25    

Anne Patterson (Fitzpatrick)


Larry, when I read your post, the imagine that crossed my mind was you and Melody walking along the sidewalk  in front of the school in formal clothes as part of the May Day court, probably in 1964. Such a great picture! I remember that at our 50th reunion, she was on oxygen, so I know you were in a long fight together.  In time, the wonderful memories of your life together will help you heal.  

Anne Patterson Fitzpatrick



11/20/20 01:15 PM #26    

Cheryl Di Vincenzo (Osborne)


I am so sorry to hear about Melody.  I first met her when we were Freshmen, her first year at Painted Post Schools.  Either our Junior or Senior year, we were partners in a gymnastic routine in our Gym class.  We had so much fun doing that.  I know she will be missed and I pray that you and the family will be comforted during this time.  

Cheryl (Di Vincenzo) Osborne

11/21/20 06:36 PM #27    

Larry G. Spaulding

Thank you, Cheryl. I, too, first met Melody when we were both freshmen. We stayed together ever since. She enjoyed reminiscing about our high school days and classmates.


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